28 février 2015

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ZAPPA IN FRANCE a cessé ses activités de prosélytisme zappaïen depuis décembre 2014.
C'est là que ce se passe dorénavant pour information... (only music & pics / no news)


20 juin 2013

Hommage à Zappa au Conservatoire de Vienne le 29 juin

Le Conservatoire 'Musique & Danse' de Vienne programme au Manège de l'Espace Saint-Germain un grand concert en hommage à Frank Zappa le samedi 29 juin à 18 h avec Michaël Valeanu, guitariste invité, ainsi qu’une conférence de Christophe Delbroucq à 15 h.

2013 est l'occasion pour le Conservatoire de Vienne, en partenariat avec "Jazz à Vienne", de rendre hommage à FRANK ZAPPA, artiste majeur de la scène rock internationale, mais aussi, de faire connaitre son œuvre aux jeunes générations et au grand public.

Pour conduire ce projet, le Conservatoire Musique et Danse de Vienne invite Pascal Berne, musicien de jazz, compositeur et arrangeur. En tant qu’artiste associé aux professeurs du Conservatoire et en collaboration avec Olivier Ducatel, professeur de percussion et soliste à l’Opéra de Lyon, il va initier les élèves aux multiples facettes de la musique de Frank Zappa, du rock à la musique contemporaine en passant par le jazz, le classique et le rhythm‘n’blues. C’est autour du Big band de Philippe Khoury que vont se greffer l’ensemble à cordes, les élèves de percussion, de vents, les chanteurs, grands et petits et les professeurs pour un grand orchestre incroyable à l’image des idées musicales « zappaïennes » les plus audacieuses…

Conservatoire Musique & Dance
Espace Saint Germain - Le Trente
30, Avenue Général Leclerc 38200
VIENNE - Tel: 04 74 15 99 50

15 juin 2013

'Tribute to Frank Zappa' au 'Nouveau Siècle' à LILLE today !

"Tribute to Frank Zappa"
au 'Nouveau Siècle' à LILLE (59800)

Dans le cadre du "Lille Piano Festival". L'Orchestre National de Lille rend hommage au musicien protéiforme, révélateur de talents et guitariste d'avant-garde Frank Zappa. Au programme : Zappa ("Dupree's Paradise", "Outrage at Valdez", "The Dog Breath Variations", "Uncle Meat" + Concerto pour guitare électrique et ensemble orchestral ( Soundpainting) + Stravinsky avec des extraits de "l'Histoire du soldat".

Tarifs d'entrée :
- 20€
Tarifs particuliers :
- Plein tarif : 20€. Tarifs réduits : de 8€ à 14€.
Horaires :
- Le samedi 15 juin 2013 à 15:00

Nouveau Siècle, Place Mendès-France
Centre nouveau siècle
59800 LILLE
Tél : 03 28 82 69 00
Email : n.siecle@nordpasdecalais.fr


5 juin 2013

'WRONG OBJECT' un album sompteux après 5 ans de zap !

'After The Exhibition' by The Wrong Object

  • Digital album • Buy Now  $9 USD  or more
    Immediate download of 11-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Relea-Z  04 June 2013

MICHEL DELVILLE: guitar, Roland GR-09
ANTOINE GUENET: keyboards, vocals
MARTI MELIA: bass & tenor saxes, clarinet
FRANCOIS LOURTIE: tenor, alto & soprano saxes, voice
LAURENT DELCHAMBRE: drums, percussions, objects, samples

Special Guests
BENOIT MOERLEN: marimba, electronic vibraphone
Mixed and mastered by David Minjauw, at Studio Simonne, Brussels, Belgium.
Produced by The Wrong Object.
Associate Producers: Guillaume Dauzou :-), Henri Dedeken, Kyle Reese, Matthew Wright
Executive Producer: Leonardo Pavkovic

Belgian prog heavyweights, The Wrong Object, make a spectacular return to center stage, with a studio album of brilliant original compositions -- and epic proportions! After a five-year absence, After The Exhibition showcases a variety of fresh, powerful material, masterfully delivered by a capable, cohesive new lineup. With their aesthetics still rooted in an array of storied inspirational models, The Wrong Object ventures further into hybrid musical territories -- pushing the boundaries of progressive jazz, rock and contemporary music, yielding results that are as stunning as they are superb. ... and the evidence of this -- After The Exhibition -- is overwhelming. Perhaps the influence of the late Frank Zappa has never been more apparent. The songs continually weave, duck, dart, and 'stop on a dime,' while exhibiting the "controlled reckless abandon" and a similar zany, humorous approach to both harmony and melodic/thematic motifs, akin to that which characterized his work. This is a herculean effort; one that goes a long way in filling the very noticeable long-standing void left in the wake of Zappa's departure. After 10 years of an existence marked by extensive touring, recording and numerous collaborations with international jazz and rock luminaries (Elton Dean; Harry Beckett; Annie Whitehead; Alex Maguire; Stanley Jason Zappa; Ed Mann), the band has reinvented itself in remarkable fashion: morphing from a quintet to a sextet, while embarking on exciting new sonic destinations. The music is engrossing, featuring a more pronounced use of electronics and vocals, while preserving their trademark energies and unique conceptual continuities. The inclusion of the hugely-talented, prodigious keyboardist Antoine Guenet (who is also the leader of MoonJune's recording artists SH.TG.N, and fresh new member of the legendary Belgian rock-in-opposition and avant-jazz-rock luminaries, Univers Zero) and two fabulous sax players (Marti Melia and Francois Lourtie), has given the band’s sound an unprecedented harmonic richness and rhythmic complexity. Combined with the foundation provided by (the also new member) bassist Pierre Mottet and (one of two remaining original members) drummer Laurent Delchambre, the band's charismatic leader and founder, Michel Delville (guitar and electronics), finds himself surrounded by a tight, razor-sharp unit that seemingly knows no bounds. Every so often an album comes out which proves to be a defining moment for both a group and its respective genre; this is just such an album. Delightfully quirky, undeniably bold and adventurous, but ultimately most satisfying: After The Exhibition is a huge triumph. This incredible new release shatters the progressive music template and dances madly on its remains. The Wrong Object have cemented their position among the genre's most elite, vital -- and potent! -- voices. This superb work is immediately essential -- an "instant classic!" It gets sweeter with each listen, and it will take up permanent residence in your regular CD rotation. This is profound progressive music at its most original, ambitious and achieving.