13 juin 2012

Zappa's manager letter to the Mothers Of Invention '66

August 9, 1966
to: Jim Black, Rot Estrada, Ray Collins


                   I  represent Frank Zappa who informs me that you are in violation of Paragraph 4 of your association agreement of November 15, 1965 in that you have notified him that you refuse to perform at a scheduled public appearance on August 13, 1966, and you also refuse to live up to certain other contractual committments made by him in behalf of the group.

Therefore, please be advised that frank Zappa chooses to exercise his rights under Paragraph 9a of the association agreement and terminates the association of each of you with the group effective this date.

Inasmuch as your refusal to perform will cause substancial damages to Mr. Zappa and to others in the nature of lost income (?) and replacement coats, we intend to attempt to resoup these looses out of any royalties due you from recordings made to date.

    You are further advised that Herbert L. Cohen intents to hold each of you to the record production contract and management agreement signed by each of you and he will seek injunctive relief if you attempt to record for anyone else. 

Very truly yours,

Martin Cohen

NDLR: Où l'on constate que les problèmes de Zappa avec ses musiciens sont récurants tout au long de sa carrière et datent de bien avant l'apparition de la ZFT / Troubles between Zappa and his musicians are recurring throughout his career and long predate the emergence of the ZFT

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