3 mars 2009

Blessed Relief 'live' by Organissimo (2008)

Organissimo interprète la superbe balade de Frank Zappa "Blessed Relief"
@ Founders Brewing Co. Le dernier CD d'Organissimo, "Groovadelphia",
a conservé la première place au Top du "CMJ Jazz Charts" pendant trois
semaines d'affilée . Pour plus de Zappa, allez préter une oreille à leur second
CD, "This Is The Place" qui renferme une reprise du tout aussi classique
"Peaches En Regalia". Dispo sur iTunes Store.

Complément d'infos: Jim Alfredson is performing on the Hammond XK
System with the XK3 (XK-3) and a Leslie 3300. A Moog Voyager & Yamaha
Motif ES rack compliment the organ rig. Joe Gloss plays a Stromberg
Monterey through a Pearce G2r amp, while Randy Marsh employs a Yamaha
Stage Custom kit. Live From Founders is a new Organissimo recording
scheduled to be released in late summer /early fall of 2009 and will feature
a CD and DVD combo of the performances from two nights at Founders
Brewing Co plus other special features on the DVD. More information about
Organissimo is at www.organissimo.org

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