13 février 2013

Des nouvelles fraiches de Music from Utopia (recording)

publiée le 9 févr. 2013
Wolfram Klug travelled from Switzerland to Southern California to record in LA with Ike Willis (vocals and guitar), Arthur Barrow (bass), Tommy Mars (vocals and keyboard) and Ed Mann (percussion and mallets), Michael Barsimanto (drums). All of them are hugely talented musicians who featured heavily on Frank Zappa's greatest albums and live shows. This brand spanking new work is a colourful and creative mix of vocal and instrumental tracks that fuse jazz, groove, funk, electro, spoken word, and solos. In other words, it's packed with fun. Don't look for Gangnam style in the video...well that makes me actuall think ....

for more please check : www.musicfromutopia.com

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