17 décembre 2010

Frank Zappa and Tom Waits together on his arm !

#• Snaggle-Tooth Salad / Saturday May 22 2010 - Frank Zappa plus Tattoos!

Howdy! Haven't been here in a while. Sorry about that. I've been enjoying my summer vacation so far. I have a lot to post though, but I'll start with this first cuz I'm super stoked about it! So I was commissioned to do this Frank Zappa caricature for a man with an awesome mustache.

My dad had introduced me to Zappa's music, and I always thought he was really weird and comedic, which is my cup of tea. Since then I never had the reason to ever caricature him, until now. Aside from just doing the caricature he souly wanted it for this purpose... He wanted it to match my Tom Waits image which he also wanted on his arm. I could see these two having a smoke together talking about random shit...

Posted by Zach Bellissimo
at 9:16 PM


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