10 décembre 2010

"G-spot Tornado" live in Frankfurt '92 by Ens. Modern

ndlr = prenez le temps de regarder jusqu'à la fin. :)

December 4th 2010 whatlooksrightisrigh said:
"The last piece of The Yellow Shark work by Frank Zappa. Live in Frankfurt, 1992, with Ensemble Modern. Featuring the incredible Louise Lecavalier on dance. Even if you don't give a damn about modern ballet, this performance will take your breath away. The beauty of the music, G-Spot Tornado, goes without saying. Enjoy. This was the very last concert of Frank.

There are several uploads of the same video on ®YouTube but as far as I know I was the only one to do a great job of DEINTERLACING it, enjoy. No "miceteeth" artefact on video. Now, you can see Louise's legs not thorn apart into horizontal slices due to this ugly interlace - to - progressive thing. Unfortunately, I could do nothing to the 25 to 29,97 pulldown but one can barely notice the jitter.

Not at all. You're welcome."

'L’artiste de Los Angeles, Mark Beam (plasticien),
offrit à Zappa pour le Noël
de 1988 le Yellow Shark, confectionné à partir d’une planche de surf.'

# The Yellow Shark:


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