25 avril 2012

Frank Zappa - Full 1994 US "Peefeeyatko" Documentary

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Peefeeyatko # source: wiki.killuglyradio.com
A 60 min documentary written and directed by Henning Lohner
Broadcast in 1994, featuring various live and interview clips.
This film features a very unique look at FZ and his work, including footage in and around Frank's studio environment and his synclavier work. Also included here is a German tv special on FZ entitled "Ein Leben Als Extravaganza - Das Genie Frank Zappa".

Includes footage from:

The True Story Of 200 Motels including:
Fillmore West, November 6, 1970
Shooting of 200 Motels Pinewood Studios, UK, Jan-Feb, 1970
Footage of FZ composing in Hotel room
The Perfect Stranger, Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon
choreographed by Lucinda Childs and Ralph Lemon,
l'Orchestre de l'Opéra de Lyon conducted by Robert Hughes,
Lyon, France, September 20, 1990

Interview with FZ, Zappa Home, c. 1991
Scenes from Hollywood, c. 1991
Interview with John Cage
Interview with FZ & Iannis Xenakis, Paris, c. 1991
Interview with FZ & Pierre Boulez, Paris, c. 1991
Interview with Ray Wallis, Big Foot expert
Der Herr der Welt (Harry Piel, Deutschland, 1934)
Interview with Stockhausen
Interview with Matt Groening
FZ ride through Hollywood and to a TV station
Interview with Xenakis

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