4 mai 2010

"21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches" "@ Cordelia Records

2010/4/29 — 20 artists were asked to condense the Mothers Of Invention's Burnt Weeny Sandwich album down to 5 minutes. Some succeeded. The results were handed over to Pete Brunelli, who produced a megamix - an excerpt from which provides most of the soundtrack to this 'promo video' for the 21 Burnt Weeny Sandwiches CD that Cordelia Records will unleash shortly to mark the 40th anniversary of the Mothers' album.
During the production of this wondrous music, our dear friend and original Mother, Jimmy Carl Black, sadly passed away. This project is now dedicated to his sweet memory, with mucho love.
Read more at: http://idiotbastard.com/21xBWS.htm

Video edited by Chris Greenaway.
Music edited by Pete Brunelli (and The Idiot Bastard).
Music performed by Tony Whittaker, Phil Dirt, all of the artists listed, and Breakfastime.
Music written (or inspired) by Frank Zappa.

1. Igor’s Holiday In The Little House By The Sea – Hans Annellsson
2. Burning Of The Sand Witch - Lee Rosevere.
3. Radiouverture - DOOT!
4. Opus One (Little Garage I Used To Live In) - Nigey Lennon
5. Jimmy’s Little Dreamcatcher - Michel Delville
6. Fried Sausage Butty (Old Grey Mix) - DJ Goat
7. Pink Eazy Weeny – ZAPPATiKA
8. Jimmy Chile – Carl, Fraz & Ed. Former Muffin Man, Carlo Bowry,
9. Fraudulent Free Jazz Extrapolations On White Port And Lemon Deuce - Evil Dick And The Banned Members
10. Aybe Sea - Caballero Reynaldo
11. Return Of The Son Of The Hunchback Duke - Whip It Out Ensemble
12. BurEenIch - In Uniform
13. The Weenie Zapp - The FrazKnapp Fusion Project
14. Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Phaze 21 - J21. AKA Joseph Diaz
15. Banger Carbonara (Slow-Burn) - Low Budget Research Kitchen.
16. Burnt Weenie Sandwich Remnants - John Tabacco
17. Variatons On Little House - Richard Walshe & The Pboys
18. “Take that uniform off, man!” - Black Bastard Jenkins [Jimmy Carl Black, Andrew Greenaway, Alan Jenkins]
19. Holiday Little House - The Bogus Pomp Low Budget Semi-Acoustic Orchestra Mindshaft
20. Themes From Burnt Weeny Sandwich - The Todd Grubbs Group with ANT-BEE,
Bo Smith and Tony Arnone
21. Weenyization Phaze 21 - Pete Brunelli & All Of The Above

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