1 octobre 2010

Et Terry Bozzio quitta Frank Zappa

From the 1984 album "Rhyme & Reason"
Dale Bozzio - Vocals
Terry Bozzio - Electronic Drums
Warren Cuccurullo - Guitars
Patrick O'Hearn - Bass
Chuck Wild - Keyboards

En 1978, Terry Bozzio quitte Zappa et part "voler de ses propres ailes". En 1980 à Los Angeles il fonde en compagnie de Dale Bozzio, sa femme, et Warren Cucurullo le groupe "Missing Person" qui s'adjoindra un an plus tard les services de Patrick O'Hearn. Une formation un poil en avance sur son temps, c'est le moins qu'on puisse dire, Dale Bozzio l'épouse de Terry; ils se sont rencontrés en travaillant pour Zappa, se servira de sa plastique d'anorexique new-âge exhibitionniste pour personnifier une Lady Gaga avant l'heure. Quid des fans de "Zoot Allures" et "Zappa In New-York"? je vous dis pas la tête!

IDIOT BASTARD interview / September 1992
backstage at the Grand Theatre, Clapham Junction

•Idiot Bastard: Why did you leave Zappa?

•Terry Bozzio: I kind of…(laughs) it isn’t really common, is it? In the rock ‘n’ roll sense it seems pretty tame compared to some of the stories I’ve heard. Why did I leave Frank? I auditioned with Group 87 to get a deal with CBS the day that we started to resume rehearsals again after a break in Spring of 78.
And I went in, I’d cut my hair, I was wearing different clothes, I’d just played this audition and been offered a deal with a record company. We started to rehearse, me and Pat, and Frank could tell I wasn’t really into it. So he called me into his ‘office’, as he would say, we stepped behind the stage and he said, “I think its time you go off and do your own thing.”
Like a good father would: “Son, its time for you to strike out on your own.”

•IB: But you went off then to join UK?

•TB: Yeah, I spent about a year not doing much. I auditioned for Thin Lizzy, that didn’t work out.

•IB: You also turned down Jethro Tull?

•TB: No, he (sic) didn’t hear me play until I was with UK, so that wasn’t until 1980 that I got an offer from him. But in 78 it was: I auditioned for Thin Lizzy, did one final tour with the Brecker Brothers, and then at the end of the year started off with UK. I spent all of one year with them. And then formed Missing Persons.

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