5 avril 2009

FZ Memorial Pancake Breakfast @ 2008 Zappanale

MONTANA @ ZAPPANALE 2008 w/ Napoleon M. Brock & Denny Walley

Napoleon M. Brock - Vocals & Flute
Antti Koivula - Vocals
Janne Toivonen - Trumpet
Petteri Hietamäki - Alto sax
Heikki Tuhkanen - Trombone
Olli Kari - Marimba & Vibes
Mikael Kakko - Keyboards
Mikko Enqvist - Guitar
Antti Kivimäki - Bass
Joni Leino - Drums

Music of Frank Zappa a.k.a. Finnish Zappa tribute band a.k.a Frank Zappa Memorial Pancake Breakfast (we have used a lot of imagination with the names!) was founded by drummer Joni Leino. In 2002 Joni was asked by a bar keeper in Nurmijärvi to assemble a project that would play something different from the mainstream, so he had the idea of putting together a big Frank Zappa tribute band with marimba and horns.A nine member band was assembled in 2003 and started gathering the material. Joni, guitarist Mikko Enqvist and bassist Antti Kivimäki selected, transcribed and arranged most of the songs. The band started rehearsing them and soon we had two sets of Zappa tunes.


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