1 avril 2009

Nouvel album d'Ed Palermo (US)

"Notre nouveau CD "Eddies Loves Frank" sortira le 19 Mai prochain chez Cuneiform Records, rejoignez-nous à la soirée de présentation le 3 Juin à N.Y." Merci Ed mais je pense que je ne pourrais être là ce soir-là !

• Nightschool
• Echidna's Arf (Of You)
• Regyptian Strut
• Don't You Ever Wash That Thing
• Dupree's Paradise
• What's New In Baltimore
• Let's Move To Clevelend
• America Is Beautiful

"For a variety of reasons, I have decided to stop using Frank Zappa's name in our concert and night club advertising. For one, it's common knowledge at this point that the Zappa Estate frowns on it, so part of my decision is to hopefully placate the estate, though it was never my intention to capitalize on FZ's name and fame. It was strictly to inform the audience of the material they would hear at the shows. Let it be said that this project, The Ed Palermo Big Band in tribute to the music of Frank Zappa, is and will always be, a money losing proposition. Those of you who have seen us in performance know that this whole thing is about love, as corny as that sounds. Frank himself would probably wretch at this abject sentimentality, but it's true. Love for Frank's music and for everything he brought to our culture.

From now on, my concerts will be a mixture of music, but Zappa tunes will always be in the forefront. For one, we are about to embark on our third tribute CD which should be released in May 2009. I'm probably more excited about this material than anything I've EVER done, so stay tuned. So when you check this site for concert information, to get an idea of the exact material we'll be performing, it's best to get on my mailing list so I can send you a personal email detailing what we intend to play.
Fair enough? I sure hope so."

Ed Palermo Official Website

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