10 avril 2009

Jimmy Agren vous offre un DVD

Cadeau somptueux de la part de Jimmy Agren, le frère de Morgan, sur son site perso: on peut y télécharger son DVD "live @ Sharinska" gratuitement et ainsi constater que ce guitariste suédois, que nous adorons c'est un secret pour personne, n'a pas son pareil pour mener un concert à bien !
This Live-DVD was recorded in Umeå/Sweden around christmas 2006 and 2007. Most of the audio is from 2007 but the pictures are from both gigs.
The line up was:
Jimmy Ågren - Guitar,Vocals
Morgan Ågren - Drums
Rolf Hedqvist - Bass
Magnus Lindbloom - Guitar

This is a free Download, but if you like you could send Jimmy an E-Mail with a thank you note, that would be very much appreciated.
It's a DVD disk image (4.2 Gb) packed in RAR. Unpack by double-clicking file#1 then burn as a DVD disk image or watch directly in VLC player. But first you need to download these files

Merci Jimmy :D

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