2 août 2010

BP redux of Let's Make The Water Turn Black

NB: la musique originale est des Mothers Of Invention, les paroles sont ré-adaptées sur un
instrumental du groupe polonais BRAThANKI.
ha, ha, bien vu !

Lyrics to America Before Agenda's BP redux of
Let's Make The Water Turn Black by Frank Zappa:

What's the use of regulations?
Oil men always do what's Right
When they tell their lies
Just smile, nod and believe
And forget about their accidents
From not so long ago
And all the things they hoped you'd never know

Deepwater Horizon punched a hole a mile below
Skip the safety check
Disastrous wreck
Point your fingers at each other as you try to get it capped
And be sure to keep the press away

Nothing could ever go wrong and so they drilled
There could never be a filthy drop that would be spilled
"I'll like my life back," Tony said and I'll bet
So would all the worker that they killed

Greasy machinations let the foxes run the coop
Cut corners, save a buck
And try to push your luck
Now BP has made a small mistake
They wish they could take back
And so the water turns black

Sincere apologies from the people who they own
Blame someone else is the Right thing to do
But somehow some fools still
Think we should drill baby drill
There's no way that they'll ever side with you

Drilling and gushing and ruining the bay
Spread deadly dispersants and pretend it's gone away
As dolphins and turtles and birds wash up dead
See the Right position on display

Hopes and dreams and families are dying with the gulf
But that's an even trade with riches to be made
Methane 'xplodin'
Oil is floatin'
Corporate attack
Watch as the water turns black
Weep as the water turns black
Know why the water is black

# source: AmericaBeforeAgenda.com


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