7 août 2010

Ya pas que Zappa à la playa !

Une entorse à l'actualité zappaïenne, c'est l'été me direz-vous, la période la plus propice au farniente musical, so... l'occasion donc de vous signaler la sortie du meilleur album de Stanley Clarke depuis des lustres. En écoute today sur AllaboutJazz.com. On renoue avec la veine du double "I wanna Play For You" millésimé 1979 le tout saupoudré de moultes clins d'oeil appuyés à Chick Corea période "Return To Forever". Une bonne surprise plus un sacré grand moment de nostalgie en ce qui nous concerne...

Stanley Clarke

"The Stanley Clarke Band"
1. Soldier
2. Fulani
3. Here’s Why Tears Dry
4. I Wanna Play For You Too
5. Bass Folk Song No. 10
6. No Mystery
7. How Is The Weather Up There?
8. Larry Has Traveled
11 Miles and Waited a Lifetime for the Return of Vishnu’s Report
9. Labyrinth
10. Sonny Rollins
11. Bass Folk Song No. 6 (Mo Anam Cara)
Release Date: 6/15/2010 @Heads Up
Catalogue: HUCD 3161
Genre: Contemporary Jazz

Personnel:Stanley Clarke (electric bass); Cheryl Bentyne (vocals); Charles Altura, Rob Bacon (electric guitar); Bob Sheppard (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Ruslan (electric piano, synthesizer); Lorenzo Dunn (bass synthesizer); Armand Sabal-Lecco (electric bass); Ronald Bruner Jr. (drums); Chris Clarke, Jonathan Hakakian (drum programming).

Unlike his previous acoustic bass releases, Clarke feels that this album’s music is fresh and different from just about anything he’s done before. Produced by Clarke and Lenny White, the range of collaborative material on The Stanley Clarke Band has allowed him to venture to new levels of experimentation, utilizing his arsenal of bass instruments. Clarke compares this new release to the first three albums of his solo career: Journey to Love, Stanley Clarke, and School Days, with long extended electric pieces that take the listener on a kind of journey.

“Technically, it’s a Stanley Clarke record, but it’s very much a band-oriented record at the same time,” says Clarke. “I may be the leader, but everyone played an important role in what emerged. If a project like this can be looked at like a ship, I’d be the one steering the ship and keeping everybody on course. But all hands were definitely on deck, and everyone played an important role in getting us to our destination.”

Happy Holidays


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