29 décembre 2011

68 Mothers - "Oh, In The Sky" w/ Motorhead Sherwood

The Mothers Of Invention - "Oh, In The Sky" 1968
Motorhead Sherwoood was playing baritone sax and tambourine
[ black glasses ] "Colour Me Pop" is a British music TV programme
broadcast on BBC2 from 1968-1969

Frank Zappa (1968): "He used to play baritone sax in the Omens. He has the ability to perform
a dance known as the bug, which resembles an epileptic fit. He's one of those guys you say:
'I know this guy who's really weird and I want to show him to you."

LOL: Mais que vient foutre dans ce doc le général de Gaulle à 2:35 ?

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