6 décembre 2011

Spanish tribute band Los Dirigibles plays 'Uncle Remus'

Los Dirigibles plays "Uncle Remus" from Evangelio 2º CD by Unmatched

Track/Band: Dog Breath by Freses . Tinsel Town Rebelion by Teddy Baxter . I Don't Wanna Be Drafted by Caballero Reynaldo . Duke Of Prunes by Popular 66 . Yo, Mama by Odd Works . Cock'Suckers Ball by Beuron . Cocaine Decisions by Joni Kontrol Band . Strictly Genteel/Holidays In Berlin by Jesus Rubio . Zomby Woof/Frogs With Dirty Little Lips by Choco Crispis . Motherly Love by Los Huespedes Felices . Flower Punk by Destroy Mercedes . Promiscuos by Los Ninos De La Cuchara . Wonderful Wino by El Asunto Tornasol . Evelyn, A Modified Dog by Felpudo Tos . The Son Of Mr. Green Genes/Gumbo Variations - Kosmic Muffin . Elvis Has Just Left The Building by Superelvis . Mother People by Club De Las Madres Deportivas . Uncle Remus by Los Dirigibles . Stevie's Spanking by All Sex Picken . The Return Of Monster Magnet by Garby-Breuss Ltd.

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