13 décembre 2011

"Seal Call Fusion Music" Vinnie Colaiuta - Circus Krone


"Seal Call Fusion Music" 3:14
"We Don't Mess Around" @ Circus Krone, Munich / Sept. 8, 1978
includes quotes from "Day By Day" (Stordahl/Weston/Cahn)
and "Penguin In Bondage" (Frank Zappa)

Zappa: lead guitar &vocal
Ike Willis: guitar, vocals
Denny Walley: slide guitar & vocals
Tommy Mars: keyboards & vocals
Peter Wolf: keyboards
Ed Mann: percussion
Arthur Barrow: bass
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums

Ndlr: Cherchions sans succès sur Youtube cet extrait des répétitions de Zappa à Munich en 1978, celui où Winnie et Zappa délirent un maximum sur les bébés phoques et les pingouins sur fond de solo de batterie. On vous l'a donc uploadé ce matin car finalement, on jamais mieux servi que par soi-même, arf !

Lyrics via globalia.net: (Arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
Zappa: THIS is cheap. This is really cheap, watch this;
(arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
Zappa: How 'bout, how about a disco seal call solo?
(arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
Zappa: Ok, Ok now a waltz seal call solo . . . from-from Bavaria.
(arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
Vinnie: Yeah, Frankie, y'know,
Zappa: Yeah, Vinnie?
Vinnie: These things just crack me up, y'know?
Zappa: I know it, Vinnie, I'm tellin' ya. How would you like to have a little accordion with that?
Vinnie: Oh! Tommy!
Zappa: Tommy, Tommy, you think you could give him a little accordion with these seal calls?
Vinnie: Where are you anyway?
Zappa: "Seal Call Fusion Music." It's a Penderecki number.
Tommy: Do you mean it, Vinnie? Vin? I really wanna . . . knooww. Y'know, I've been really put on by a lot of penguins 'n seals when its' icyyyy! Actually, cryogenics is expanding--Day by day
Zappa: Day by day, I'm fallin' more in love with you, an' day by . . . you're just like a penguin in bondage, boy.
(arf, arf, arf . . . . etc.)
Tommy: Oh, oh, ah, ah, you're gettin' me hotter, Vinnie, hotter! I wanna get colder!
Zappa: Mauricio Kagel, eat yer heart out!

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