7 décembre 2011

Music video by Dan B and the Super Slow Mo's [ w/ FZ ]


Ajoutée par TheAngryBushman le 25 juil. 2011

Music video
by Dan B and the Super Slow Mo's... and the Band.
Featuring Miles Davis and Frank Zappa. performing Dan Man (i play the...).

Dan Davis (Dan Man) Barbera (May 26, 1926 -- September 28, 1991)
was an American jazz musician, trumpeter, bandleader, and composer.
Dan B met Zappa when they were both teenagers and shared an interest in rhythm and blues and Chicago blues. They collaborated together from this early stage, with Zappa's scripts for 'Angus and the Super Slow Mo's and "Dogga munna" helping to elevate the Dan B persona of The Slow Mo's. In 1963, the pair recorded a demo as the Soots at the Pal Recording Studio in Cucamonga, seeking support from a major label. Their efforts were unsuccessful, as "Dan's Howlin' Wolf vocal style and Zappa's distorted guitar" were "not on the agenda" at the time.

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