25 novembre 2011

"Freak Fashion" with Miss Christine of GTO's

She's the girl on '69 "Hot Rats" Lp cover

Miss Christine Frka est à l'époque la compagne d'un certain Vincent Furnier qui changera son nom pour la scène en Alice Cooper. Zappa a toujours affirmé que tout le côté décadent et les vêtements bizarres d'Alice Cooper qui influenceront les N-Y Dolls, Gary Glitter, Bowie, Roxy Music etc. sont la création de Miss Christine. Répudiée par son ex-amant, elle mourra d'overdose le 5 Nov. 1972. Détail troublant: elle sortait d'une immobilisation due à un plâtre à cause d'un mal de dos pendant que Zappa était jeté dans la fosse d'orchestre par un gars jaloux, donc plâtre, alors même que Pamela Zarubica (Suzie Creamcheese) tombait d'une falaise et était plâtrée à son tour. ---> source Zappa In France

Photographed by Andee Cohen Nathanson in empty swimming pool on the Errol Flynn Estates, once private and now open to the public as a park in the Hollywood Hills

From Pamela Des Barres website: Miss Christine's Story: She, too was born in San Pedro of Yugoslav parents. She was a "sickly kid", she says, and had a "big complex about being skinny". (She is tall and lean, the type of girl who would have been called "beanpole" by her schoolmates.) "Pop music brought it all together for me socially" she said. "It brought people together, it gave me friends". She says she is the cold, cruel one in the group, but she's not. She's bright and quite outgoing. She met Zappa when he returned to LA from New York for a concert, when she was living in Franzoni's commune. "We talk about groups a lot", she said.

"That's because it's glamourous and because we're very young. If you have a fave rave in a band, it's like having a soldier in the war; you write him letters and you worry about him". When Zappa returned to LA for good, she became his housekeeper and governess to Moon Unit, Frank's daughter. "Mercy and I sent the Velvet Underground a dozen roses with our pictures on the back" she said. "You can't be subtle", Miss Christine loves clothing and makes all her own, which can only be described as junkshop harlequin. The night of our interview she was wearing a knitted patchwork jump suit in a hundred colors, colored pipe cleaners coiled into her frizzed character; not a bad description." Miss Christine passed away November 1972, age 24.

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