23 novembre 2011

Mike Keneally - Frank Zappa's Jazz Discharge Party Hats

20 ans déjà !
Mike Keneally performing Frank Zappa's "Jazz Discharge Party Hats" at the Ritz Theatre in November 7th/11th 1991 during the 'Zappa's Universe' concerts.
Ndlr: Zappa avait recours à Steve Vaï pour exécuter ce morceau sur scène puisque dans l'impossibilité physiologique de chanter et jouer de la guitare simultanément. Mike Keneally est à notre connaissance le seul [le Dweez?] qui a été capable d'interprèter 'haut-la-main' ce morceau montrueusement atonal... ou pas!

Lyrics excerpt: / Once upon a time / It was in Albuquerque, New Mexico / There were these girls that worked at the college / They were really cool . . . / (They thought so anyway) / They would be delighted to tell you / how suave they were / At the drop of a hat / There was three of 'em: / One of them thought she was a Beauty Queen . . . / The other one was a Walking Blow-Job / And then there was this skinny girl . . . / Oh well . . . / Some of the guys in the band got together / With the girls from the college / They were having a good time . . . / (We were in Albuquerque for a couple of days) / But these girls thought they were Hot Shit / 'N wouldn't pooch the guys in the band / On the first day, so ... / A couple of the guys in the band / Who were desperate for THAT KIND OF ACTION / Kept workin' on 'em for two days / (Which is a waste of fuckin' time anyway . . . ) / So, anyway . . . / But if that's your idea of a good time, what the hey? / Send those pants up here! / Here's some more! / Okay, good-good! / Traditional cotton ... oh, how sweet! / Umf. . . huh-huh-huhhh . . . / HERE! Work these! Anyway . . . / We're in Albuquerque, New Mexico . . . / A couple of the guys in the band, who shall go nameless / Because their girlfriends might find out / Decided they were gonna work the wall on these girls / From the college / So, one night ... it was the first night / When they were still trying to 'get it in there' / (Ya know what I mean? Huh-huh-huh . . .) / The skinny girl, she says to one of the guys in the band / She says, well, to several of the guys in the band / And one of the T-shirt guys too . . . / "HEY! LET'S GO SKINNY-DIPPING!" / At two o'clock in the morning at the pool at the hotel / That's right, you heard right, / Two o'clock in the morning, pool at the hotel . . . / It was so fun . . . / But the water was very, very cold! / So they go out there ... / and the girl who was really skinny / 'N' probably totally insensitive to climatic changes / Took all of her garments off and she jumped in the pool / And she says, "HEY GUYS! COME ON IN!" / Well, one of them did ... / The other one was too smart for that shit / etc...

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