21 novembre 2011

"Frank Zappa Pigtails Decal Macbook Apple Laptop"

"Frank Zappa Pigtails Decal Macbook Apple Laptop"
$14,99 USD / Approximately €11,44 EUR
# Only 1 available

Product Features
* Made from 7 year high quality vinyl
* Size of decal will depend on size of laptop. Please specify the size of laptop, (13", 15", 17"), and the decal will be sized accordingly. If not specified, the medium-sized version will be sent, (for 15" laptops).
* Available in many other colors. Please email color choice or black will be sent.
* As always: original artwork by Ivy Bee. Many people have tried to steal this design and sell it as their own. Customers, do not be fooled; mine is the original, and will look far better than any counterfeit version. Design thieves will be reported to etsy and will hear from my attorney.

I use a durable high grade gloss finish vinyl. Decals are self adhesive making them easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue behind. This material is specifically made for this application and will last a very long time outdoors.

# http://www.etsy.com

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