22 novembre 2011

MiRthkon DVD Preview video clip - "The Cascades "

MiRthkon: "So, have you ever really thought about the nature of time? I mean like REALLY thought about it. If you're reading this, the answer is probably YES. Because it's just like, you know, the universe is infinite and space and time are the same and time is just like the fourth dimension, you know? ... Anyway, long story short, the DVD is taking a lot longer to make than we thought it would. And you thought it took us forever to release our ALBUM! Sheesh!
BUT! We do want to get you the goods while they're still fresh, so here, hot off the presses, is a brand new NEVER BEFORE RELEASED miRthkon song - THE CASCADES - from the still unfinished but very much being worked on miRthkon DVD."

• Featuring footage from performance @ CalProg 2010 in Whittier CA
• 14 songs, 4 of which have NEVER BEEN RELEASED before this.
• All songs a helluva lot faster than on VEHICLE, cause you know,
you release something again it better be better, and FASTER means BETTER
• 32-track live audio recording mixed by Wally Scharold
• Choice selections from our vast library of stupid short films
• Digital versions of the entire audio program for your Zune
• Countless disturbingly apt non sequiturs
• Mounds and mounds of delicious julienned vegetables!
• Lots of other goodies too numerous, complex, and profound to
be described in human language

Ndlr: Nous vous avions parlé courant été 2009 de cet étonnant groupe californien qui n'était pas sans nous rappeler les compos d'Albert Marcoeur et de Zappa avec un zeste de Primus. L'annonce de la sortie de leur DVD nous impatiente déjà au vu des extraits-video. A noter que le groupe californien est signé par la même maison de disques italienne que notre Camembert hexagonal: AltrOck Prod. On se prend à rêver d'un concert en commun, FORZA ITALIA!

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