24 novembre 2011

Zappa by Bob Teese photograh / Relix December 1984

Boulez Conducts Zappa Lp: The Perfect Stranger /1984
Them or Us Lp /1984
Thing-Fish Box /1984
Francesco Zappa Lp /1984

"Does Humor Belong in Music?" is a one-hour Frank Zappa concert video composed of live performances at The Pier in New York City (August 26, 1984) along with a few interview segments. It was released on VHS by MPI Home Video in 1985 and reissued on DVD in 2003 by EMI. The video has no recorded material in common with the album of the same name, but some of the tracks were released (in whole or in part) on "Volumes One, Three and Six" of the "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore" series.

A laserdisc version was also released in Japan, complete with Japanese subtitles for all spoken and sung material and featuring a slightly different audio mix than the VHS and DVD versions. This laserdisc version was available as a bootleg DVD from both the "Digital Underground" label (no association with the rap group of the same name) and the "Room 101" bootleg label, released a year or so before the official EMI DVD. --> source: en.wikipedia.org

Cast: Frank Zappa 'himself': guitar & vocals / Ray White: guitar & vocals / Ike Willis: guitar & vocals / Bobby Martin: keyboards, saxophone, french Horn & Vocals / Allan Zavod: keyboards / Scott Thunes: bass / Chad Wackerman: drums /

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