19 novembre 2011

"Inside The Perfect Circle" - The Odyssey Of Joel Thome

Prior to his stroke, Thome was a conductor for the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, Brooklyn Philharmonic and the Seattle Symphony. As a composer with eclectic interests, he collaborated with rocker Frank Zappa, conducting "Zappa's Universe" at the Ritz Theatre in New York City, and produced arrangements of Zappa's music for symphony orchestra, rock band and soloists, earning him a Grammy award for Best Rock Instrumental.

"Inside The Perfect Circle": The Odyssey Of Joel Thome - Chris Pepino (Redlands Cal.)
This wonderful documentary is about Grammy Award winner and Pulitzer Prize nominated composer and conductor Joel Thome, who collaborated extensively with rock icon Frank Zappa, and also composed for Steve Vai and Pablo Picasso. In 1991 Thome suffered a debilitating stroke and was paralyzed on the left side of his body. By using music as a resource for healing, he was able to return to the stage with a new project, his graphically notated mandala scores. With a performance by The Scorchio Quartet, and animated mandala artwork by abstract painter Harry C. Doolittle, "Inside The Perfect Circle" is a feast for the senses. 2011 /60 min

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