13 novembre 2011

Zappas' Revenge @ Torino - September 21st 2011

Conservatoire G. Verdi / 21 septembre 2011
Musique de Francesco Zappa (1745-1788)
et Frank Zappa (1940-1993) "G-Spot Tornado"
# www.mitosettembremusica.it

While visiting the University of Berkeley library in 1983, Frank Zappa looked up his own name in the New Grove Dictionary. What he found was a few lines about Francesco Zappa, an eighteenth-century Milanese composer. Frank identified with his predecessor and released the Baroque-tinged Francesco Zappa. Today, in exchange for that favor, it’s Zappa’s Revenge, with classical transcriptions and performances of classic Frank Zappa pieces, alongside pieces by Francesco Zappa.


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