16 novembre 2011

Wizards Of Ooze - "Lumbago" from Almost Bikini Lp

WIZARDS OF OOZE "Almost... Bikini"
(1999, Backbone, CNR Music 2102649)

Produced by Wim Tops & Peter Revalk
Recorded at the Wizards Of Ooze studio, Antwerp, Belgium

Wim Tops:
vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Peter Revalk: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Hugo Boogaerts: saxophones, flutes
Carlo Mertens: trombone, bass trombone, percussion, sea shells
Bruno Meeus: drums, percussion
Luk Michiels: bass, double bass
Artwork: Denis Dellaert, A Horse A Bucket and A Spoon.

"Taking the bull by the horns right away : Wizards of Ooze have delivered the best Belgian pop-album of the year with this "Almost .. Bikini". And with quite a considerable lead too.
No need to read any further. Just go and buy this one. That bull can go now. Hey.
source -> The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives

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